Custom canvas solutions from Catnap Canvas

Since 1999

We design, pattern, fabricate, install, and repair custom canvas for boat, residential, commercial, and RV applications.

Canvas boat enclosures

With our canvas enclosures, you can extend the usable space on your boat and enjoy being on the water regardless of weather conditions!

Whether you’re looking for a simple bimini top to keep the sun off you or a full enclosure with window panels to keep you warm and dry, we can tailor-fit a solution for your needs.

Boat covers

Protecting your boat is vital, especially in the unique environment of the Pacific Northwest.

Protect your investment and increase the life of your boat with one of our custom-made covers.

We can build covers for the smallest winch all the way up to full-boat covers for the largest vessels.

A before and after picture showing a sun-damaged boat enclosure replaced with a new one

Repairs and replacements

When accidents happen or when old materials simply wear out, we’re ready to help.

Extend the life of your existing boat enclosures by patching holes, tears, and rips.

Replace aging, yellowing window panels with brand-new replacements.

We offer even more services. You can also contact us to ask about custom projects.