Frequently asked questions

Can you use my existing canvas as a pattern to make a new one?
Generally no. Canvas often stretches, sags, or even shrinks over time. But don’t worry, you can trust us to custom fit every project to your specification. We will create a new pattern from your boat to get the best fit.
Can you build a new canvas enclosure on an existing frame?
Yes, as long as the frame is in good condition.
Can you provide a frame for a new enclosure?
Yes, we can design and build a new stainless steel frame to suit your specifications.
Can you repair my canvas or windows?
Yes, usually. It’s best if you bring in the canvas or window panels to our shop, and we can then advise the best way to extend your canvas’s life.
How long does it take to build?
Some small projects and repairs can be handled in days, whereas larger projects can take a couple of weeks. Please contact us for an estimate on your specific details.